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Saturday, May 03, 2003

...plague season...

Apparently it's the nicest day of the year today, which means there was the teensiest chance I might have gone outside (breaking my record of not having been in my back yard since 2002), but of course I was sick and mostly stayed in my room reading or doing homework. I can't even type up my flowcharts yet because I can't contaminate the Mac.

Speaking of wonderful products, Maciek called me today telling me that he actually has decided to save up for an iPod, only the lowest dinkiest one now is 10 gigs, and has a touch sensitive spinny thing (i don't think it actulaly SPINS though), and buttons not around the spinny thing. And it's smaller. And for the same price I got mine. Which is pretty stinky of Apple, because what they do is never ever lower prices, you just get more stuff for the same price. However, since I still haven't gotten around to filling up my 5 gig iPod, I think it's okay. And there's plenty of deletable stuff Kangway gave me (like, if he has the entire collection of songs of a certain band and I like exactly one of their songs).

I did my flowcharts today (not having typed them up yet) and I learned that the black death spread mostly in summer and receded in winter. We watched a movie on the plague in bio once, and it was scary, not just the disease, but the doctors and the people who hauled out the bodies. I mean like, the masked doctor was pretty creepy, and he looked like an elephant with his mask to protect himself from the sick people, and it's just creepy that people had to touch the bodies of everyone dying of the plague.

I find this image amusing.

You know what's depressing? To try to study for a health test on the immune system when you're sick.

At the math competition that one time (our algebra one team got second place! Ha! Even though we still kinda suck) Atul was asking whether you should ask for eternal money, happiness, or security. I think I would go for happiness, but I'm not exactly sure. Because, security is stupid since you can buy security, and money can buy happiness to an extent, but then happiness means you don't really care about money, in which case you might die of starvation or something. Hopefully I can get money AND happiness.

Speaking of which, when I grow up to become incredibly rich (like you all know I will, right?) I will get this thermal reconditioning hair treatment done. It's the Japanese one (though why Japanese people think they need straighter hair is beyond me, though my aunt falls into that strange little category), that straightens your hair for like, six months or whatever until the roots grow out, and it is so beautiful! These before and after pictures are actually correct, not like the acne ones or the losing weight ones, where they're hugely fat beforehand, but the picture is all blurry, and then the in focus after picture where you can't tell if it's actually the same person as before (why did their skin change color??). Hum. Researching hair (as I am pathetically bored, and my hair's all wavy and gross for the past few days), I found that all you have to do is search for Jennifer Aniston, and you get zillions of girls with thick, wavy hair looking for her secrets on how her hair is so impossibly straight if she's born with wavy hair.

See, the rich people have the good hair.

I think that every time i run really hard, I get sick a few days later. This could either be because I am weakened afterwards, or that for some reasons I always want to run really hard before I show symptoms (as in, the incubation period). Maybe both. That should make the 5k this saturday especially pleasant. I wonder which subbies have no will/stamina...

My dad and brother put this badmitton set up in the backyard. This is good because badmitton is fun, only failing up against my favorite sport/game ever, ping pong. However, since badmitton is kinda like a mega big cross between ping pong/tennis and volleyball, both of which are okay, it's still good. Plus, it's a low impact game. Oh yeah, I just burned 39 million calories from that hardcore badmitton game.

I think the nonexistent color is coming back to my face. Mia said that her sister or someone says that all the girls at our school (who are of caucasian descent) are really white. It's true, everyone's like, majorly pale, which is good, because tans are unhealthy, and because you don't have to hate the people with really tan skin (because they're always the preps, at least our preps are unpreppy enough to have white skin). Except the track team of course with their severe lack of sunscreen.

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