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Sunday, May 04, 2003


I had some spaghettios once, a long time ago. They were yucky.

Today we have determined that Adrian's cello is suicidal. He put it into his case, in the loop for the scroll, and then turned around to get his music, and without anyone touching it, his cello fell out of his case, hit him, and then hit the floor. It seemed okay, so its suicide attempt was failed, but he said its the second time his cello has jumped out of its case onto the floor. As shiny and beautiful as his cello may be, it's depressed and suicidal.

I realize that I can think of a really good senior debate topic, only, I know that NO ONE is going to be on my side, which is the downfall. I don't think you're allowed to argue alone either, though I did in a debate once in 7th grade against 3 boys and the majority of the class said I won :) However, I have plenty to say on my topic, and no, it's not about getting rid of the PE program (although that is an excellent idea).

Today I was eating lunch and I started singing the ancient greek philosophers' EIEIO song (remember, "in athens there was this guy, EIEIO, and his name was socrates, EIEIO") and then I sang the line "And he was killed for corrupting the youth, EIEIO" and my brother just stared at me and started giggling. And I said, "No, I'm NOT corrupting the youth." At dinner, my dad was quizzing my brother on US president history (chronilogically backwards) and he knew a lot more than I did. He was like, "and this guy had to replace the president before him... called?" "John F. Kennedy." "Why did he need to be replaced?" "he was shot" "who shot Kennedy?" and everyone burst out laughing.... heh.

OOGLES. I have to go to sleep so that I don't show that I was sick all weekend (I slept 12 hours friday and saturday nights, but still managed to be on time to orchestra! YES!)

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