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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

...banana pen...

I must admit Iiaeaux has spiffy school supplies if they look like BANANAS. Yes.

It's X-Week, I think, which means it's a whole fundraising thing for donating to charity, which I don't believe in, but we won't get into that now, but anyway, they play music in the hallways. Yesterday in the passing period between lunch and 5th, they were playing the song which is apparently "Push" by Matchbox 20, which is the one that goes "I wanna push you around, well I will, well I will, I wanna push you down, well I will well I will, I wanna take you for granted, yeah yeah well I will" and Ms. Plisch was being funny. She was like "This is the poster song for domestic abuse! And when someone pushes you, you push them back!" such is the wisdom of splisch, like when she used to tell us to pay our car payments (since when do we have those) in one chunk instead of over many months, and that sororities are bad because they force you to socialize. So why didn't people like her again?

It's increasingly becoming that end-of-year feeling. I'm not stressed though, cuz there really isn't that much. The entire year, I kept thinking "so where's the homework that everyone talks about"? It's not that I dont' have any, it's just not as much as I expected, I have a range that's anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 hours of homework a night, but its been rare that I had more than 3 hours, except the day before our CS presentation staying up late talking on the phone.... but that was my group's fault :) and people claimed there were 5+ hours of homework every night.

Speaking of homework, I found something really odd today. I went into the library toward the end of 4th period, and there was like a swarm of boys in our class all sitting at the tables in the library trying to do the flowcharts that are due today, or math homework, or something. I mean, besides the initial shock of those guys doing homework, I suddenly realized where all the obnoxious people go during 4th period. There's still the clump that sits at the middle of the hall, but it's pretty quiet compared to at lunch.

We're reading Romeo and Juliet, surprise surprise if you haven't noticed yet. I remembered in the movie Orange County (excellent movie, by the way) the english teacher is really airheadish, and he goes like, "what do we know about romeo and juliet" and a student says "Leonardo DiCaprio?" he says "very good, what else?" "Claire Danes?" "Yes, and someone almost as important as Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes was a man called Shakespeare." Heh. We're also watching scences, and the 1968 version is incredibly cheesy, I can't believe it was actually considered cool when it came out. Maybe it's like, their version of the Titanic craze (since apparently all the 13 year old girls were obsessing over the actor who played Romeo). I guess we can laugh at the cheesiness and stupidity of Titanic too. Hmm. The modern version is okay, at least it isn't cheesy, but Leonardo DiCaprio and Shakespeare do not mix. Like, oil and water. I'm not a Leo Di hater or something, like everyone else seems to be, he's okay I guess, even though he's butt ugly, I can stand him in most movies, but he's really really BAD at reciting shakespeare. Claire Danes is cool of course, and I like her better than the other girl, because I guess I like how she looks better, and she doesn't have issues with her cleavage (cuz it doesn't exist). The new one had a cool intro, but the rest isn't very exciting either. I guess it averages out to okay.

But the most important thing about the new version is that JESSE BRADFORD IS IN IT. We noticed him today while watching the movie, and I looked it up online, and he's Balthasar (who becomes a little more important later, but for now he was just in the background). Of course we had to mention Bring It On, which was a pretty disturbing movie. The problem is that I want to wring Kirsten Dunst's neck. She's just so ANNOYING. GAAAAA. Like, as if a cheerleader role wasn't preppy enough. EWEWEWEW. Anyway, the only problem with the guy in that movie (i.e. Jesse Bradford), was that he liked HER. I sense a theme. Have you noticed guys always go for the most creepy girls? Miaka, Aya, Kirsten Dunst (in multiple movies! Spiderman TOO!) Jesse is not sexiest man alive either, but at least he's better than her. YUCKIE. Angelina thought HE was the worst one in the movie, no waaaaaaaaaay. It was the main character. The cheers were okay though, and overall the movie was bearable. I don't get why everyone says "that was such a cool movie".

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