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Thursday, May 08, 2003


I'm pretty sick of this school year. I can't say I'll be happier when it ends, in fact it will probably be worse, but for now, I'm happy to get to the end of this. More than ever I can't stand the people there, who are all complete hypocrites, or in denial, and won't accept me how I am.

Just because it hurts YOUR brain to think about hating running doesn't mean it takes me any energy at all. In fact, it keeps my mind off the fact that I'm actually running. I also looked at the lights on the ceiling today which helped, but most of all NO MORE!!! YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY! Sure we have the 5k on Saturday, but since it's supposed to be "fun" and more importantly, it's supposed to RAIN, it will be okay. The forecast says thunderstorms. That would be just too good to be true, but you know, there could be a higher order. Whee.

I have an obsession with Tom's blog. I mean, I read it, but I'm really obsessed with the NAME. I don't know why it's so addictive, but I find myself typing "Another Wasted Day" into my calculator. I guess it's cuz every day really is wasted :)

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