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Friday, May 09, 2003

...the customer is usually right...

I saw that sign in Jimmy Johns. It was funny. Okay here's the deal, my mom is sometimes not very up-to-date on happenings, such as the fact that Angelina does NOT walk around campus by herself with a huge bookbag and a violin. So I ended up being picked up by Jono's dad and Jono, and we went to eat at Jimmy Johns and they dropped me off. Jono and his evil cohorts (subbie preps) were magically gonna go to a movie after school, only since they came up with the plan at school, they all had to call their parents. Unlike blessed me and Jono, most of them just said "Hey mom I'm going to a movie, I'll be back later" and then go on their way. After much negotiation I think Jono didn't go, but I guess they'll survive. Somehow I really do NOT get the politics of that subbie group. I think I like the guys in it, but not the girls? Or rather, I like everyone except the prep girls in there. I mean, Lydia is so not preppy and yet she hangs out with Anne and Co. Hmm. I liked seeing Lydia and Devin at a movie once, although I didn't see them making out (wow I missed one there) I like them anyway. Just not... the icky people.

Anyway of course today was my FAVORITE PE day, or maybe second favorite, because the first day of school is nice too (as in, the two days where we do nothing in PE, no physical part). Toward the end of the year we have open gym and we sit around signing yearbooks (hey that is a sport). Tomorrow is that horrible damnation, the 5k (insert scary music). They keep saying there will be thunderstorms, and I'm like "sounds wonderful!" as long as there is lots of lightning.

I'm saying stuff to kangway and i'm happy but he's all defensive. I still think robbie should stand with a kite and key and if he gets struck we don't run :)

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