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Saturday, May 10, 2003

...a higher order...

I have been praying since last month for lightning and ... it ... WORKED! I woke up at like 6, and I didn't hear rain or thunder, I was like "oh crap!" and then I woke up again at 9 and heard lots of thunder and IT WAS CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I noticed how there wasn't a lot of rain, it was MOSTLY lightning, just like I prayed for! I thank any God who answered my prayer.

I take great joy in the fact that some people are upset and I am happy. :) :)

I'm only happy when it rains ... on the 5k day!

This post is a sole tribute to the fact that this was the only day that had thunderstorms in the morning this year. I love my life :)

mo posted at 10:35 AM.