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Sunday, May 11, 2003


Miracles miracles :) I was in the best mood yesterday that I had been for a long time. YAYY!!!!!!! So I went shopping with Angelina, and Jono was there at the beginning. We looked at tons of stuff, and I found potential stuff, but we of course had opposite shopping problems. I was always wayyyyy too big for whatever, and she was too little. I guess we covered everything except too fat, but we're not too fat so too bad. We found this corset that had holes in it and it was scary. I don't get why anyone would wear a corset. Anyway we found some certain-person shirts, and laughed at them because they reminded us of Avril Lavigne, and certain girls trying to pull this look off when they had nothing to show. Hehe. At least some people are smart enough to know whether they have something to show or not. I had this really strange problem with tank tops and dresses (goodness me I tried on a dress or two), like the front would be too high, like up to my neck. If the neckline were the same all the way across or even lower in the front than the back I would be fine. So anyway I found a strange orangeish dress and it was okay, we randomly picked a size, and it fit and everything. I didn't buy it, though, just for an idea.

Then we went to big show. Big show was cool, they were pretty funny. I think my favorite thing was probably Henry Beberman Vs. The Tardy Policy. And the guy with the juicebox and the pink panther music in the background. And today I found out that I have to be the string bass part in a flute group for playing the pink panther theme... my part is pretty exactly the juicebox man part. Humdeedum.

I need my Chinese foooooood. Also, at the one concert today, Monah was asking me if we have to run the 5k at school. Hehe. I said how they threatened us last year and stuff, and how they'd better not. I think the 5k would be so much better if it were optional. First of all, the people who ran it would actually like it (for whatever reason). Also, you wouldn't be torturing the rest of us, and if they cancel it, all the people who want to run can still run, it's just that if they have it, all the smart people who don't want to still have to.

I was trying to approximate what percentage of the school would run it if they didn't have to. Personally I think it's more than half the school. I think like 60-65% maybe. Kangway thinks it is like 30%, but I know there's only a few people I can think of who wouldn't. I can think of, me, ariana, rose, noam, ellen, peaches, and monah who wouldn't. Everyone else would, either to look tough or because it's "cool" or whatever. If you would like to be added to the cool people list, please tell me, or you could give your estimate. Monah said no one would, but I know some people in her class would.

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