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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

...where's the shark?...

hum. Yesterday's post died. I don't know why.

Best one ever. Today was good except for PE. Surprise. We ran the mile and it was boring. I hate running (everyone is amazed I'm sure). Too bad. I don't have much homework, because teachers are being nice right now I guess. My journey in life should not involve running, no no.

Maybe summer will bring some fun. I like school though, just not PE. Everything else is at least mildly amusing. We have to write down everything we eat this week for Health. It's okay, because I eat pretty healthy stuff. The worst is probably what I eat at school, pizza, sometimes, and then snack foods during english. I added up my calories yesterday and I had about 2300. Isn't that a little more than what you're supposed to eat? So there, I'm not anorexic. Oh yeah, and Claire Danes is cool. She is also in Terminator 3 (oooh! Ahhh!) and people give me headaches, or the sun does. I have one again and it's icky. What will I do, what will I do, maybe I'll go do my homework now, sounds like a yotei.


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