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Wednesday, May 14, 2003 farid...

Subliminal messages here. Tom has a picture of himself on his blog, and it's cool, because he took it in the mirror (yay!) I have a picture like that, only we didn't use the flash so it's blurry and awesome looking. Photography is fun.

Okay since my cello-ing stuff got deleted, I will list all of it:

so far that's... 5 hours 50 minutes. this is not my typical week cuz we're going for the fun little concerts (I think next week I have three. Luckily the history test is friday).

Hey I get to be Juliet in the balcony scene. FUnfun. We had a really elaborate plan(s):

1. We're in China, and Juliet is in her room in her apartment building, and in the elevator, Romeo hears her and goes up. He falls into her room (surprise) and the scene goes forth. Epilogue: they die of SARS so they don't have to worry about Paris or killing themselves.

2. Backstreet Boys vs. NSYNC... which one is Capulets? Or we could do one of them vs. Avril Lavigne! WOwie.

But we're just gonna do a simplified elevator one. It's modern I guess, so I have to dress up as a girl (what will I do ?!?!) because that's way easier than memorizing lines (I guess I could memorize some...)

What are people doing this summer? Will they be around? Eek. RAR

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