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Monday, May 19, 2003

...tissue paper monopoly...

I asked Johnmark about his Japanese speech, and he said that he just had boring stuff, so I guess his future is boring. I told him I could envision him as the owner of the American monopoly on tissue paper. He said he might incorporate that into his speech.

In Japanese Roveiza said that her parents wanted her to be anything she wanted to be, and Kangway said, "No, Roveiza, I'm not sure your parents would like it if you were ....... a gerbil."

I noticed on all the manholes around campus all say "Neenah" on them. Ariana did not find this exciting, but I thought it was, and they always either said "Neenah, WI" or "Neenah, WIS" except for one that said SYSTEM BE-- and ariana thought it meant "beware" but I don't think so. Anyway, you can visit the manufacturer of this grate at Neenah Foundry Company. Very exciting.

She bought a Red Hot Valentines CD for $3.99 and it was majorly cool because part of it was CLEAR. There was a small ring (or in geometry terms, *annulus*) with the music stored on it, but then the surrounding part was clear, and it looked really cool. It also had a weird video of that one song "Bring Back the Good Times" so we watched it in the Windows Lab. Good times. Hahah.

Mr. Vaughn randomly pulled people out of the hallway and asked them about the Matrix Reloaded. Much discussion. Like about the architect and stuff.

We had our english thing today, people liked the "Romeo or bust" thing. YAY. It was happy.

No more random thoughts of today. We talked about obesity in health class, but I am less inclined to do physical activity after our PE program. Plus, I only have 3 months to get as un-fit as possible. Before subbie year, I had 12 years, but now we only get 3 months. Making up for lost time.

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