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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

...frog socks...

I have managed to put off the 5k for 12 days so far. Tomorrow is the sad sad day on which I actually do have to run it. I guess I should charge my iPod. I like the fact that there are human cones, but I don't like the fact that people will probably cheer me on. I suppose they could say I was doing horribly, but that would be bad too. Remember kids, it's the first 3 miles that are easy, but the .1 at the end kills you. Hahaha muahahahhaaha eek!

So anyway, sadly my life-long goal of not running a 5k will be demolished. Bad bad me. Fortunately, I lasted longer than most. I don't get why people say I have such a bad attitude toward this. Have you ever noticed how they feel about homework? They keep saying that it is stupid and worthless and boring. Most homework is not, nor a waste of time. But those descriptors fit perfectly to fitness.

I guess I'll tell you my time, since you're dying to know what it will be, tomorrow.

mo posted at 7:59 PM.