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Saturday, May 24, 2003


I'm done working for today, I finished ALL my bio (except citing one source on my web page and the cover for the biometrics), and I vaguely studied other junk. Woohoo.

In the past few days I really haven't done anything that anyone cares about, but I got some people to sign my yearbook, and they were special. Kinda. Hmm, I read the history chapter (which went surprisingly fast considering it was the longest one yet, I think) and there was a good quote:

"And do not marvel at my calling 'west' the regions where the spices grow, although they are commonly called 'east'; because whoever sails westward will always find those lands in the west, while one who goes overland to the east will always find the same lands in the east." --Source 12 p. 273 Letter to Columbus from Paolo del Pozzo Toscanelli

hehe. Good job, dude, when you go west, you find stuff in the west, and when you go east you find junk in the east.

So anyway, when I last dropped you off, I was gonna run the 5k. Well dude, it SUCKED. Um my legs are still kinda sore, so HA. I think that anyone can run, right? They're just not trained to feel pain for about a half hour straight. It's willpower, dude. AND ANYWAY so my time was 28:00, and that's waaaaaaaaaay too good, and so I shoulda walked or something. Too bad. I guess it's easy to remember, even though as soon as doug said it I forgot it. I did that with my first mile too. Which was 12:45 (YES!)

Now I have 3 months to unfitnessify myself. Starting.... NOW!

Remember: many giggling girls with large knives cutting cabbage on a cutting board.... hmm. good idea.

And juggling random people's apples.

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