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Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Kangway has decided that if I am chubby next year he gets my iPod. I guess I am not gonna be chubby, so i'll be okay. If I gained like 30 pounds that would be creepy.

Today was the last day of "school" (i.e. classes) and it was funnish. We went outside for history though, which was sad because now we're even more confused for the test, but it is not a real final so we will win. I hope. Anyway math final tomorrow shouldn't be too bad, although if I let Kangway cheat off me he will STILL lose since we take different tests, muahahah!

ROVEIZA is the official overachiever at the end of the year, because she writes every line in different colors in people's yearbooks and BORDERS THEM. Hmm... I think what we need is a vote. Overachiever: Mo, Batia, or Roveiza. It's gonna be my new poll. Hmm... we can make a list sometime of how we're overachieveristic.

Cuz we're not! Muahahah!

You know what would be cool, is if Roveiza became a gerbil.


I want these shoes. I need a purple shoe collection. Maybe Vans has more purple shoes...

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