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Wednesday, May 28, 2003 exams: day one...

I ended up actually sitting next to Kangway in the math final, muahaha but we didn't cheat. Goody. It was okay and the crowd of people afterwards went to Zorbas for lunch, like me, Angelina, Ariana, Yuzi, Fred, Amirah, Colette, Noam.... I think that's it. We ate and then we went to play pool (Amirah, Al Johnson, Colette) cuz Angelina ditched us for weird people playing sardines or something.

We walked around and stuff, and there were some yucky people we saw, but quickly went away. Hmm. Very exciting, tomorrow we have even MORE! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. History and english. Too bad.


mo posted at 5:17 PM.