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Sunday, June 29, 2003 that works... we think...

It's hot today, and I *might* even get to go swimming. Wouldn't that be AMAZING? It's cool if you spell amazing like this: amaxxing! Because sometimes x can sound like z, like in xylophone, and two x's look cool, like in S-E-X-X-Y... so anyway swimming would be AMAXXING. Today we went to buy junk for my iPod and got the little FM radio thingie that people were talking about yesterday at the picnic, and it's fun. I still have more than a gig left on the thing, and I have a lot of stuff. Lots of deletable stuff, too, but I figure I may as well leave it until it gets overfilled. Kind of like how I like to leave stuff a mess until I explode, and then clean it up. Or never clean, even better.

I also got a watch, it's very exciting. Actually it's not, but it cost about $13. so yay. It doesn't have the lightie-uppie-thingie though. Gee I have no life. At least it's not a digital watch. ANALOGUE rules. Duh. Peaches and I should start an analogue watch club, how dorky would THAT be?? Hey, more dorkiness: we all sit around in a park talking about iPods. And even better: not only do I have one, but I put recordings of my orchestra music on it!!! DORKDORKDORKDORK!!!! Muahaha. Anyway, my point is, analogue watches are better because you can easily see that you have a brutal 30 minutes of PE left easier than subtracting numbers on a digital watch. See, visual is easier, for all you non-mathematical people. Plus, they look cooler. You can watch the hands move. EXCITING!

No more about watches. Ladeeda. Obviously, I have no one to talk to. Perhaps Angelina updated her bloggie cuz she's back from her college hunting (aha, who's the dork now???) Peaches says he was happy that he goes to our school because, even though it's not that good, if we were going to UHS or something, there would be lots of beer and people getting high at the park, gee fun. Instead we bother the people playing stupid camp games. Haha.

So innocent.

A comment about technology, it's getting so umm... merged into people's every day lives. Or at least for Mr. Easterwood, it is. At his site, this guy has a picture (probably taken with his cell phone), and he posted onto this blog from his cell phone too, when he was shopping. Sounds entertaining. Heh. I suppose the next generation of kids won't be bored on long car trips. How long does it take to type "are we there yet?"

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