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Monday, June 16, 2003


I can officially say that my blog is kinda starting to clog up the webspace. Besides feeding lots of viewers to the "guywithboobs" blog, people are starting to get my site up when they search for stuff in MSN or Yahoo. One dude came here by searching "Jimmy Johns calories" which was cuz I mentioned calories when we were doing that health project. This was on MSN, which shows how MSN has no idea what it's doing because I don't think I ever mentioned Jimmy Johns, especially when talking about calories. Someone else searched for "fast food feels fuzzy" on yahoo, and fortunately, it came up with my site SECOND. Wowzies. Of course, it's not like google or something, but oh well.

This also makes sense, because I can see what type of computers people are using to look at my site. I can see how many times people have visited (ever) and therefore get a figure of the breakdown of computer types. The only problem is my computer. I think it recognizes my browser as Netscape 5, but it's not. Oh well, I know my address, I can figure it out. It looks evenly distributed, but I don't know how it counts, because if me and ariana go to it a bunch of times and the people with windows go once, I don't know whether that changes stuff. But anyhow, it has this search engine thing, and apparently you can get to my site from:

AllTheWeb (uh, i've never heard of this)

Well there's a list of search engines I'll never use. Apparently people have gotten to my site from any of the following keywords on one of those (it doesn't say which one is for which).

web [wow, specific, I'm on the WEB]
download [because I NEVER download things]
killer [which goes with...
tofu ...tofu]
utf-8 [this one's beyond me. where did i say this?]
feels [again with the tofu]
yearbooks [JAMES!]
food [well... i guess i eat...]
on! [o.O scared....]
sign [James again]
fish [on the ceiling!]
saying [most people say stuff, not all though.]
calories [this again]

and the rest are words from the "fast food feels fuzzy" and the "jimmy johns calories".

Wow, I'm sure that was exciting for all of you. I guess it's okay cuz all of my readers are DEAD. Muahaha. I mean, one or two are in Greece, one's in Boston/Israel, one's not updated her own blog in a while so I don't know about her, and I don't know who the rest are, but apparently there are more.

Which means I should say something at least mildly interesting.

Yesterday Iiaeaux came over (I hear you, you're all saying "and *this* is supposed to be mildly interesting), and we burned a CD for her (o.O illegal! Catch me if you can! haha) and Angelina, but that means the prized little mp3s are on myyyyyyyyy computer waiting to load onto the iPod. Anyway, after we did that and she easily beat the Maelstrom high scores (see her blog where she always comments on playing maelstrom. It sounds *really* exciting). Then we watched Yellow Submarine, and of course that was good. We ate chinese food (aha, my claim to life enjoyment again, movies and chinese food, reliving those agora days) and then we talked about the 5th dimension and the 4th, and how a cube looks through time. (a fun after-dinner conversation). So I don't really get it at all, and uhh, that's why I wanna watch that Cosmos with her, so that I might get it kinda. Maybe not though.

Which also brought us back to the fact that our manga has several important things missing yet (but since we're still on the first chapter that is not such a problem):

-how Marmara manages to pass through the 5th dimension and into earth
-Person X's name (VERY IMPORTANT, I suppose we could always just leave this as Person X, but that wouldn't be very Earth-like. In The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, there's a guy called Dr. X.)
-Person X's sister's name. I think person X should have a name with an X in it or starting with X so we can remember it. Like Xavier, or "S-E-X-X-Y", right Iiaeaux?"

The aliens!?

mo posted at 9:29 AM.