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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

...kodomo wa oishii...

Yeah yeah no no meefle. Guess who doesn't have anything to say! I guess that's why I go around the web reading about other people's [slightly] interesting lives. Or at least make a project of some sort.

Or maybe a *plan*. Haha. Well I revisited my Japanese people on the webboard type thing... they were just talking about The Matrix and stuff, and some other stuff I generally had no idea what they were saying. I was proud to be able to translate loosely a phrase that meant "I have no alma mater!" although I kept thinking "what? mother school?" Anyway, if I can't get the general idea at least of the topic they're talking about, I don't bother to post. This means I don't post that much. Katakana is my friend, even though it sucks. at least I can recognize "Matorikkusu Riloudedo" and "Tamineeta 3" well enough.

There's a very important Pokemon towel. I saw some Pokemon towel in real life once, it was weird. Dude I need a digital camera for moments like those. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Hey man, my gostats thing says I got a dude from the UK here for typing in the quote on the left "if you play a Microsoft CD backwards" yada yada. Awesomeness. Just a little interesting thing I like to see... It's more interesting then the peeps who get here from the Great Blog Project, which is not really expanding because if you know about Tom's Blog you already submitted your blog. Unless it's a deep dark secret one, which is pretty weird. If you're gonna publish something on the internet, at least let everyone read it.

For now, dinnertime, Pokemon towels rock (or easy listening) fo sheezy.

Anyway, I'm very upset to see that my blog is ranked NUMBER TWO when you type in the fish on the ceiling. I AM the fish on the ceiling. Well, I'm not a fish, but you know what I mean. Instead you get This Fish Ceiling Light. Well, there you have it, folks, Industry wins again. Actually, the light is pretty cool. I think I want it, in fact. Unfortunately, it costs $195. Anyway, maybe my site isn't fishy enough for them. In that case, here is a haiku:

haiku #1
against gravity
marine life watches our moves
why doesn't it rot?

haiku #2
fish up there will guard
from holy place; the ceiling
has left the building.

haiku #3
wonder at the fish
holy mysterious ways--
how'd it get up there?

No one really knows for sure. You know, I don't know why my blog doesn't come up when you search for "Kangway". Maybe it's cuz my archives aren't working right. Or are they? I did mention him a lot way back when. I must explore crappy search engines...

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