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Thursday, June 19, 2003 that thing you do!...

Very important movie everyone. Watch it. Get the song stuck in your head. That was me and Iiaeaux's very important project of the day. I like some lines such as, "I wonder what happened to the oneders?" Now Spencer is reminding me of Airplane:

Dude: This is a completely different type of flying, altogether.
Everyone: this is a completely different type of flying.

Anyway, I can play Yellow Submarine chords on the guitar now, it's not very exciting but I suppose one day we can be like the Oneders. Of course. I think Ariana just liked Liv Tyler. Although I had to actually point out that she liked her, but whatever. It's not like she had a different hair color from LotR. Unlike Angelina Jolie who is actually BALD. Hahahahahhaa. I'm gonna look up her "natural" hair color (remember kids, she doesn't naturally have hair).

This is frightening:

"She was born in Los Angeles on June 4th 1975. In case you could not tell she has blue eyes, is 5'7" and her natural hair color is black (but who cares she looks good in any color!). :-) "

AAAHHHHH!!!!!!! she looks *good*??? She looks like a zombie. Anyway a few sites say she has blue eyes and black hair, but I think it's a scam. I wonder about her skin too. Is that her real nose? I think we need to see Angelina Jolie baby pictures to determine at all what she really looks like. Anyway, that would be boring, and the conclusion is that she's always got dyed/fake hair.

Zuke was at the quad today, and he asked Shang if we were like, an eating convention (because we were all sitting around eating pizza) and Shang is like "No, it's a math thing..." yep yep.

An exciting view today, from a computer with the main language as HEBREW. I *wonder* (oneder) who that is... hehe. Heyya.

Blogger claims it's gonna switch everyone over to the new version of blogger (since the old one had ARCHIVE PROBLEMS -- gee now they notice) so I don't have to switch, cuz if I did I would just stay over here on the old school homie g one.

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