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Monday, June 23, 2003

...bright orange...

I was watching everyone's favorite show yesterday, Lizzie McGuire, and her little brother, Matt, had the best line. The scene went something like this:

Matt's teacher: Now class, each of you will be assigned a volunteer project--
Matt: Excuse me, but isn't a volunteer project supposed to be... well... voluntary?

Of course the teacher has no answer... hahahaha. Matt and this girl, Melinda or something, have to have these senior citizen pals who end up being exactly like them, but anyway that was one good part. The other good part was Miranda (Lizzie's friend) was having a huge party, and invited this guy, and the guy is like "yeah, righteous, dude... i'm in. But I gotta ask my mom first." hehehehe.

I spend my time doing useful things. The Walgreens crew has to watch that movie this summer. HAHAHAHHAA.

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