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Thursday, June 26, 2003

...amazing, new, and improved...

Wow, I'm in the new blogger now, it's amazing... stand in the place where you live (wow, I'm listening to to r.e.m, stand, on some internet radio thing on the mac.. radioKAOS... I wonder if it would work on the linux. I doubt. Anyway, the new blogger... it's pretty, we'll see how it works out. If it even POKED AT my template, it's going down... hehe. I put some stuff on my iPod. Yep, camp's been fun.

They braided people's hair at the sucky concert they ahd to go to yesterday, and now people look weird. They didn't dye anyone's hair though. It's been fun, we go to the cafe and play in the "sand" (zen garden type thing). Only it was rainy and yucky today.

Oh yeah, some good quotes from camp:

"A day without rosin is like a day without sunshine." --Evan

"It MUST be like a McDonalds arch." --orchestra director explaining crescendos and decrescendos

Only two days left, whatever are we gonna do??? Oh well, I suppose we will live. No more fun after thaaaaaaaaat. Unless we rent the Lizzie McGuire movie. Haha. Well I don't have anything say and also, I'm incredibly curious about this new blogger, so ha, no more for you...

mo posted at 8:12 PM.