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Friday, June 27, 2003

...the far side of the glass...

Man, this new blogger sucks. It's so slow. They obviously have no idea what they're doing. The only good thing I can say that it has remained simple, and in a rather nice format, unlike most online-journal-type-publishers, which make everything too complicated, zillions of ads, lists of posts, etc. A post is a post, and that's it. Anyway, the last normal day of camp, I'm on lunch right now. We took pictures in the cafe today, but people *ahem* kepts bumping their head on the stairs. So I'm gonna never sit there, because that would be stuuuupid. Anyway, Iiaeaux, your problem with Lizzie McGuire is obviously that you were babysitting, which could put even the happiest person in a crappy mood. Because everyone should realize that Lizzie McGuire is the coolest show in the universe. The answer is to stop babysitting, because its stupid and pointless, and you're gonna waste your life hanging out with dumb disgusting little kids. Little kids are really stupid, and hyperactive, and annoying, creepy, smelly, ugly, loud, obnoxious, and they usually come in groups of two or three. EEEWW.

Hey look, it's June 27. Weird. Obviously there's way more fun things to do than babysit. Here's a short list:

doing math problems
designing world domination plans
organize the sock drawer
count the grains of sand on a beach
chewing on meat gristle
making a toothpick bridge
watching the hour hand move
watching Lizzie McGuire!

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