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Saturday, June 28, 2003


This thing is so slow. Horrible, in fact. Just because it's ever-so-slightly prettier shouldn't mean i have to wait 10 extra seconds. Technology... I can't figure out how to get user comments on this, which shows how bad I am at computer related stuff. If anyone knows how to do this, please tell me. Like, email me at since you can't leave notes. Haha. I probably don't want to know what you're going to say anyway, since I spend most of my energy on this thing insulting everyone I know. Hmm... well I want to get it anyway, because if the weird people at guywithboobs can, I think I'm entitled to my user comments.

I need ideas of what I can do. So that the next two months aren't too boring. Alright here's a temporary list, guys:

-become as un-fit as possible (I need ideas on how to do this guys, it should be fun though)
-go to walgreens
-buy tons and tons of electronics (okay so maybe this one won't work. if I were rich my life would be so much more entertaining.)
-play my cello, because remember, a day without rosin is like a day without sunshine. Today IS a day without sunshine, so perhaps I shouldn't rosin my bow before the concert. I probably won't. We're supposed to play nice and soft anyway.)
-read some good books, about death, disease, and wizards in england
-stop being so freaking cold. Everything in this entire town is over-air conditioned. It's really not that hard to find a reasonable temperature, and isn't it cheaper to not air condition so much?
-perhaps computer/video games?
=changing dashes into equals signs
-swimming, unfortunately, it's too cold at the moment, and it's a form of exercise. Hopefully I can get to the pool early enough to eat lots of junk food to balance out the exercise
-parks? but again, the weather
-write on this blog (oh, excitement)

Wow my life is really really fun. Aren't you jealous? I bet yours is even more exciting!

Okay, so I'm back from the concert, which went well, it was fun, yada yada, I took another picture... and guess what!?!?!

The bad weather went away. It's quite amazing. Now I'm convinced (again) that people I know have supernatural powers on the forces of nature. Here are some important examples:

5k 2002
5k 2003
the day this year when ariana prayed to the ceiling that should could leave school, and then the water main broke and we all left before noon

See? We're very powerful, man.

So anyway, I'll be going in like an hour or whatever, so I gotta change (eventually) out of these dressy clothes. Concerts suck because you have to wear niceish stuff.

Update: 7:24 pm

I went to the picnic thing, it was really fun, even though only about 1/4 of our class showed up, and out of them about 1/4 people actually brought food. It was okay though, I wasn't really hungry. Most importantly, Michael Pitt and Noam were there, who I can always have fun complaining to! Yayyyyy!

So basically we hung around and talked about what we had been doing recently, Peaches got his iPod, and whatnot. Camps and stuff. Then all the normal people decided to play capture the flag. So the girls had this flag, and it was hidden. So I wasn't playing (come on, can any of you imagine me playing capture the flag? Last time I did so I was probably about 6).

So I found the flag, took it to the boys side, and dropped it on the ground. Yay, they won! The girls were soooo pissed at me, it was hilarious. They were like, "you're ruining our game! It's not fun anymore!" of course, it was quite entertaining for me, and I think I'm entitled to fun as well. So then they started again, making sure that it was impossible for me to ruin their game again. Then we went on the merry go round, but didn't spin it much so that Peaches wouldn't throw up, and that would be bad. Then it was thundering, and at some point, the guys made a rocket out of dry ice and it went off, not killing anyone, but making a loud noise. That's what you get for going to a school with a bunch of geeks. We don't use fireworks, we make our own rockets. How resourceful.


Mo: Yeah she goes to a gas station instead
Noam: that is SO lame!

Noam: Why do preppy looking people keep coming out of that house and getting into cars?
Yuzi: It's a factory.

Noam: Yes, she's the "goth"
Mo: Because she shops at Old Navy!

mo posted at 12:24 PM.