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Thursday, July 31, 2003

...the sheep are sluts...

punch line of a joke on bash. No, not mork bash, you dimwits. So do you like the cello? It's on fire, you see. Important discovery. It reminds me of the cello pr0n site that I wanted to make with this ISYM guy, because cellos are so sexy. It's like, gothic/satanic, because it's on fire, so it's hott. Yeppo, I know what I'm talking about. I don't know what the website was about because I did not understand the language... I DUN UNDERSTAND. Someone thinks that I'm not clever and not "big" whatever that means. I seriously can't tell if this person is a boy or a girl, but the point is that they don't like me, so gender is no barrier.

Email is pretty pointless because no one sends it. I don't get why they don't, it takes like 2 seconds, and no one really cares if there's typos in it. You know what is weird, is that I almost always make a typo on "typos". I usually say tyopas or something. So anyway, email is so easy, and I think everyone's issue is that they're not using pine, which is the best thing since sliced bread. I mean it's so old that it might have been the best thing BEFORE sliced bread. Okay not quite, but it's simple, and until you have three or four hundred emails in there it's fast too. Then you file them awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Okay I typed some more but it got lost. It basically said that after you publish something blogger keeps reloading the page, like the Matrix Reloaded, which sucked... yeah. Okay you get my point. So anyway, there are a few definite downfalls of the internet in recent times:

1. Pop-up ads. Obvious one. I don't want porn sites taking over my screen and I don't want offers of mini cameras, and I don't want to click on the monkey!

2. Downfall of mp3. I mean, you have to PAY for it now. If you don't now, you will soon anyway. Personally the whole "we're gonna arrest you" thing makes it MORE desirable for me. I had actually stopped for a bit, because I had collected everything I needed, thinking "oh I can always get more songs later" but then once it became clear that if I download anything that I have the criminal record of a mass murderer, it made me want to download everything I could think of. Which is not much, but it's at least 15 or 20 songs off the top of my head, and I don't see why that should be a crime. Plus, if you actually like a group, I know people who make a point to buy their CDs, as well as downloading it. That way, you get better quality, AND you support who you REALLY want to. I think the music industry is just scared that they won't make money anymore, which is the way it should be. Ha.

3. The worst one of all... NETSPEAK. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! and worse, 1337. Okay, so here are some death phrases, that I know people are gonna use to me after this:

lol: Unforgivable under any circumstances. Burn in hell. Can't you just say "hehe" or "haha" or even "your a dumbass, that was hilarious" instead?
lolz: BURN IN HELL NOW. No, hell isn't bad enough for you. I need to think of something worse.
nm: Okay, so no one has ever figured out the real meaning of this. It can mean "nothing much" or "nevermind". Hopefully for the latter you will say "nvm"
brb and g2g: these are forgivable, because if you need to leave, maybe it makes sense that you have to type fast? I dunno, they're okay.
bbs and bbl: unforgivable. If you're leaving just say so, but every time people say these I get so confused. Bulletin board? I dunno.
wtf: this one's funny, because of all the people who accidentally say, "what the fuck is wtf?"
lmao: this is worse than lol, but nowhere near lolz. See, with this, people use it as much as lol or lolz, but how can you laugh your ass off EVERY TIME? How much of an ass do you have left???? Confusing. Oh yeah, and it looks like some foreign word.
rofl: this one is fine, but only if you really mean it, similar to lmao, but without losing body parts.
btw: this is just stupid. Is it so hard to type "by the way", plus it's a ... rhcp song or something. I think.
cya: it's okay, because it makes sense. You don't have to think about what it means.
l8r: this one is fine with me, however, everyone has been forever scarred with sk8r boi, so uhh... don't remind us.

My computer is dying, hopefully I will think of more. And remember kids, the best phrase ever, the cure-all: my bad.

mo posted at 10:34 AM.