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Thursday, July 03, 2003

...ego romani sum!...

Jono shouted that at the pool yesterday. No one responded. The people there really hate us (I can't imagine why), and closed the snack bar when they got to us in the line. We shouted and hit the window, but alas, we got no snacks.

At Jono's house, after the movies, we watched some of Futurama, which is the funniest show... it was on cartoon network on Adult Swim, and these people were pretending to be robots when all the robots were hunting humans. It was awesome. Even better than SOUTH PARK which we were forced to watch, jono, ito. Ergle!

pink pirate! neeeeeeever had to knock on wood, but i know someone who has, which makes me wonder if i could.

Alright back. Finished Harry Potter. It's just like the Matrix, or LotR. You're the one! They're always all stressed out. The ones. They need to take a few mental health days there before saving the world.

mo posted at 4:02 PM.