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Friday, July 04, 2003

...rock those suburbs...

Man, Harry Potter really sucks at asking girls out. He also has sucky taste. Remember kids, Harry Potter dating advice (THIS could be the next harry potter merchandise: harry potter and the dating advice game/book/movie):

DO NOT go for the girl who was going out with some guy you saw murdered by Voldemort.

He has great common sense. I think he just likes her cuz she's AZN, right? haha, but she's icky too. Kinda a bitch. Bad Harry! We won't even discuss Hermione. And Viktor. Hahaha. But anyway, I know I'm giving you all these *unpredictable* spoilers, so here's the BEST part of the book:

Hermione says something like, "Harry, your paper is good, but I think you made a mistake. Jupiter's moon is covered in ice, not mice."

Guess what guys? This week on
A Day In the Life, the people are taking photos from Japan. That site is pretty cool, except for the huge amount of people who take pictures from NY and CA. It's way more interesting if it's in a different country. Howerver, we're used to Japanblogs anyway from Hunkabutta and his zillions of pictures of Tokyo and such. I think he's in Canada at the moment though. There's also these people who talk about life in Japan, but most of their pictures are of their own friends and parties, though sometimes outside in the Japanese scenery or whatever.

And most importantly, this picture, from the mirror project, involves the Powerpuff Girls. Amaxxing. Currently that sight has like 16,000 pictures of people in reflective surfaces. They don't update very much though.

Well that's enough of surfing for now, I may come back...

Oh yeah, and if you're bored, play this game. Has to do with genetically modified chickens, see what the world is coming to. Muaha.

Okay, this is something I forgot about for a while: chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. It's a name of a lake. So anyway, here's a picture from it:

It's pronounced (according to peaches): Cha-gog-a-gog-man-chog-a-gog-cha-bun-a-gun-ga-mog.

It means something like "You Fish on Your Side, I Fish on My Side, Nobody Fish in the Middle"


I went to Angelina's house fo sheezy and we worked on Dumb and Dumber... I mean... Romeo and Juliet. Our translations went all the way to Act 1 Scene 4, so we just have one more scene before we get to ACT 2. Amaxxing. The fireworks were blocked most by a tree. I saw some of them though. They were colorful, no dip, but I'm glad I observed them from the safety and anti-patriotism of my computer room.

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