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Saturday, July 05, 2003're such a fruitcake bozobutt...

PunkRocks64: we watched Matrix 1 in chemistry today.
PunkRocks64: and you know how Morpheus says the beginning of the end was the creation of AI?
EventuallyAdonis: what about it?
PunkRocks64: he says basically that the what started the machines taking over was human's fascination with AI..
PunkRocks64: and.. have you noticed that like 99% of our population is infatuated with American Idol .........
EventuallyAdonis: that's deep

Everyone is talking about Harry Potter on their blogs. I seem to remember everyone saying they hated Harry Potter before this book came out. Maybe it's a coolness thing, because everyone knows liking Harry Potter is SO LAME. Haha. I suppose she made him really anry and upset and whatnot, but I would probably be upset if I almost got expelled, kept seeing visions of Voldemort attacking people, being posessed, witnessing the death of _________, and on top of all that, having to study for humongo tests. The Cho thing was stupid though. In the last books it actually seemed like she liked him. I bet she will come back in the next book or something (duh, they're in the same year) and not be so annoying. Loooooosa. I probably won't remember any of this stuff next week, so I may as well write it down now. By the time 6 comes out, I bet I won't remember who has died, or about the end part thing. Which was weeeeird. It was almost like the end of the first one, only with like 20 other people there too. It's like, "hey, look, it's a party!" Or I guess the second one. Have you noticed that the end almost always involves dark passageways and Harry Potter fighting Voldemort? Another good thing about this book was Fred and George. Because I always knew they rocked. They were like, my favorite characters from the other ones. It's like, stop being so smart and world saving, go play practical jokes on people. Doink.

There's always a "one." I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying that Harry Potter is the one (surprise!) and then there's of course, Neo, Frodo, Luke Skywalker, etc. I bet everyone's gonna jump on me cuz of the LotR thing, but guess who doesn't care? They make movies for people like me, so that I don't have to suffer through the book. Fantasy disgusts me (except for Harry Potter, but whatever). Frodo carries the ring, right? He's the one. He's a particularly boring one though. Strider/Aragorn and Legolas are much more interesting. As Frodo slowly becomes posessed by the ring or whatever, uh, no one cares.

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