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Sunday, July 06, 2003 invaders...

So yesterday I went to the pool and Alejandra and Aria were there. We talked about the Harry Potter book (surprise!) Anyway, there were some really annoying kids (surprise) that interfered with our marco polo game so Alejandra told the kid to shut up, but he wouldn't. How sad.

There was also a different kid who wanted to get his sandal or something in the water... who knows why it was in the pool... and it was like:

Kid: Why can't I get my sandal?!?!
Lifeguard: Because it's adult swim and you're not an adult. You're contaminating the water, so get out!

When I came home, I talked to Ariana, to plan what we were gonna do today. Eventually we did a three way call with Noam (GOODNESS ME NOT A THREE WAY CALL...) because we were planning what to do. We kept hearing these weird noises that weren't coming from any of our houses... like a muffled TV, or some guy say "murmolmumlrmlurl" kinda. We all shut up when it was talking but we couldn't make out anything the voice was saying. Noam couldn't really hear it because her connection was the softest (it happens like that for some reason). These noises would come back and leave, and kept doing this for like 10 minutes. I think it stopped when Ariana's sister picked up the phone. These things are delicate. Anyway, we decided that these were aliens, trying to transmit their message from space, or from Earth, if they're already here. Of course, we can't tell anyone. The government will cover it up. So you guys, know that Mo, Ariana, and Noam were the first to spot the aliens. Don't blame us when they blow up the planet, or steal all your pencils... you've been warned...

They're out there...

You know what would be REALLY cool? Is if we heard someone else's conversation on the phone, and they were saying:

Is everything in place?
You weren't supposed to relieve me.
I know, but I felt like taking your shift.
You like him, don't you? You like watching him.
Don't be ridiculous.
We're going to kill him, do you understand that?
Morpheus believes he is The One.
Do you?
It doesn't matter what I believe.
You don't, do you?
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
Are you sure this line is clean?
Yeah, 'course I'm sure.
I better go.

Alright, so aliens, agents, and people watching you through the computer... we've got it covered.

mo posted at 12:27 PM.