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Tuesday, July 08, 2003


Yesterday we went to the pool and stuff... was okay. Not incredibly exciting. Today I might or might not do something with Ariana depending on what time she gets home.

I think that no one reads this. Maybe they do but they're not showing it very well. As in, by not going to this site.

I need ideas of stuff to do, besides yelling at the little kids at the pool who suck. Uhhhhhhhhh I could read, or draw, or play cello, or guitar or piano, listen to music, watch videos? Dumb and Dumber translations, swimming, doing pool, tv, web design, etc. Or I could try and figure out how to poke my eye without me blinking. Putting in contacts is difficult.

Hopefully I can get together with more people, like I did on the 5th with Ariana and Noam. That was fun. Especially because of the TweenTalk. Man, you guys don't know about that (unless you're Ariana). here's their website. I think our version is more fun. Mr. Smith tweentalk. The counselor, not the computer teacher. It was fun. Now it's expanded to other teachers too, because I (luckily) did not go to the meeting or whatever, I didn't have to hear about chihuahuas and little red pencils and diverging paths or something. He's the best one though. It was also fun to take pictures of cooking. I think that should be my specialty. Culinary pictures. Those are so fun, especially when you have big knives. With vegetables on them. So so menacing.

I can do more once I buy that sexy digital camera. Still have to figure out what to get anyhow.

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