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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

...sunshine day...

Wow the weather people are SO accurate, bein that they predicted sunny skies yesterday. So Ariana, Serena and I went on campus to Record Service and Walgreens (THE FUNNIEST PLACE IN THE WORLD), and we talked to James and took pictures with him. And the other Walgreens employees. It's kinda like those walmart ads, only better. So then we left walgreens and walked a bit toward Zorbas, when the wind started blowing really hard, and there was a tornado warning. We ran half a block to record service with the sand from construction blowing in our eyes, and sought our refuge at record service. We talked to the guy we had seen before, and Ariana had asked about the country music section:

Ariana: Do you have a country section?
Joe: Yeah, in the back
Ariana: How big is it?
Joe: Pretty small.
Ariana: Good.
Joe: Oh, you're checking, I mean, the whole upstairs is country...

Joe's friend was standing there complaining about Valeria, a CD he found in the 99 cents section that was, according to him, generic gay europop, that he could make up. Then he told Joe to get rid of it, put it back in the 99 cents section because he didn't want to touch it anymore. We laughed because previously Joe had said that he avoided the 99 cents section "like the plague". We talked there (or listened to his friend's ranting) until my dad came and picked us up to save us from the storm. Then we went to his office and waited for my mom. I went to Ariana's house for an hour and watched the Back to the Future bloopers and cut scenes. I liked the one where he was flying above the hoverboard... haha.

Time to attempt to put my contacts in again. Wooooohoo.

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