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Thursday, July 10, 2003

...stacey's mom...

Dude that is such an awesome song. It's so funny.... hahahahaha. Okay I so need to get it. Anyway yesterday was another tornado that interfered with plans with Ariana. I did end up getting over there around 7:20, and we watched Back to the Future II. I love the futuristic shoes, that just cloes. Of course I want purple ones, but they're awesome anyway. Strange facts:

The girl that plays Jennifer (Marty's girlfriend), was a different actress than the first. I like the first one better.

In the future dinner scene, Michael J Fox played himself old, his son, and his daughter.

Anyway that's enough, I am getting slightly better at putting in my contacts, I don't blink as much, or I get randomly luckier and they go in. I got them in in 8 minutes today (amaxxing). And I get to wear them until 7:00 (building up my strength of contact wearing). It looked rainy this morning, but it wasn't, but it's sunny now. Like Sum41. However yeserday it was very sunny but raining really hard.

pink pirate.

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