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Friday, July 11, 2003 and nod...

if you ever need to preform quick brain surgery

Well I have water in my ear man it's annoying. Yesterday I was at Jono's house and we were online, I was on his sn and he was on another of his. Besides telling some girl she was a slut (and her agreeing, even stupider, making us try to insult her more), I was talking in a chatroom with Angelina and Jono. So Jono, in the chatroom, types "brb" and then comes into the room I was in. HAHAHAHAHA. It was funny stuff man.

Okay, at swimteam Jono and I were discussing Japanese (when we were cold and avoiding getting out of the water). There's tsumetai, which is "cold to the touch" and samui, which is "cold weather". When you're in a pool and you're cold, which one is it? Technically you're touching the water, but you're immersed in it, so it's more like air (the surrounding). Then again the pool is not really weather either. Our guess is tsumetai. But we'll have to ask.

Just be a teenage dirtbag and everything will be fine.

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