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Saturday, July 12, 2003

...kiss me I'm a pirate...

So we went to the mall yesterday, man. Spent like 2 hours in hot topic, I think I may be mentally deranged for the rest of my life. Actually it was fine, but the store is realy not that interesting. Grego.

Writing, I've discovered, is only fun when you don't have to be writing about anything in particular. I mean, like, this, and rants and such, that Angelina has introduced me to. So now I'm gonna go all teenager-with-a-blog on you and say that I've noticed that the people who may seem the most talented, pretty, hott, happy, smart, or something on the outside sometimes are the ones with the most mental problems *COUGH*. Haha. No it's okay, mental problems are okay, it's just I need some variety man. The person you love who doesn't love you back gets old after say, 1 day. But it's okay, at least I can "help" people, or at least give them advice, or let them rant to me. I'm just saying, you guys aren't that creative. I wish someone had like, an irrational fear of grass or something, and that would be more interesting.

Of course, all that has the exception of me, because i'm so sexy and mentally stable. I'm the whole package. Unlike this guy who is really really disgusting. And guess what, guys, you get these results when you type "bod" into google image search.

Remember, Jono wants Strider/Aragorn's bod. HA Angelina, LotR has been mentioned and I bet you can't fight the temptation to talk about LEGOLAS. HAHAHAHAHH EYES EYeS EYES.

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