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Tuesday, July 15, 2003


Maybe I need to stop being so dependent on *other people* because they never seem to want to do anything. Or at least, not do projects that we have previously started? Such as:

the manga
romeo and juliet (dumb and dumber)
the matrix
music of some sort?

So I think the moral of this is that I can't rely on other people to get anything done, ever. Remember kids, if you want to get anything done right, do it yourself. I have some projects on my own I guess, but not very many. I should make more.

I could start by getting dressed or something, but it takes so much effort. What deep emotion shall I think of today? Depression? Fear? Supernatural? Love? Nah, love is boring. I'll do fear or something.

Most people's fiction stories are about some girl and guy hooking up, it's really not that interesting.

Aha, and no more people for me becauase people smell bad. Use deoderant, or something. Just not on your hair.

mo posted at 11:40 AM.