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Friday, July 18, 2003

...yes master!...

I've been doing very important things recently, such as uhh... washing my hair and becoming smart by learning the Great Gatsby, eating sandwiches, and watching the Cowboy Bebop movie. Doing more of the like today, at 12.

These girls are incredibly insane. They've seen the Pirate movie 7 times as of yesterday. Wowzie.

I've written more than 11,000 words, it's amaxxing really. The cowboy bebop people are weird. I love Ed. She's so cool. The coolest thing, besides the hacker thing, is that she has rubbery arms and legs. In the movie her arms don't really have elbows, they just ripple, I SO want to do that. Either that one, or have hands and feet like the POWERPUFF GIRLS. Because they're stumps! It's friggin awesome! Oh yeah, Jono gave me a link yesterday so visit this site. You'll love it.

Quotes from Jono's house:

"I'm gonna put these sharp pointy things--OW!" --Jono

"This is a stupid way to commit suicide--OW!" --Jono

"Where is the matrix? I mean, the umbrella." --Mo

mo posted at 11:11 AM.