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Sunday, July 20, 2003

...12 year olds take themselves way too seriously...

We went to Ariana's family's party yesterday and it was good. Well at least the small crowd of cool people being Ariana, Cordelia, Angelina, me, and Phoebe (first time I met her). There were really disturbing 12 year olds there that were her sister's friends (well, Phoebe was 12 but she wasn't stupid and annoying)... We tried like 10 times to learn their names but it was impossible. Their names were so generic. Don't like people with such generic names. I don't remember them. One was Evan or Ethan or something... so basically there was some guy with a mohawk that was uh... special, and a guy with dyed blond hair and emo-glasses, and a guy that looked for some reason that he belonged in Freaks and Geeks. No clue why. And some generic 12 year old girls.

It was fun, especially the listening to music part, and the eating (what else was there?) and when everyone who came to the table picked up the candle with beads on it and Cordelia said, "It's leaking beads!" Ono.

I want my breakfast... COOKIE MONSTA! RaR!

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