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Wednesday, July 23, 2003 you remember when I mowed your lawn?...

Yesterday I had the wonderful fortune of being able to tape "Stacey's Mom" off the radio. I'll get it on mp3 someday, but I'm not allowed to download anymore. Perhaps I can actually buy the CD, if any other of the songs are any good. No wait, Iiaeaux said she got it from the planet. Oh by the way people, it's Fountains of Wayne. Yeah, I didn't know it either.

Rose sent me (and some other people) a very interesting link. It's an ad that Honda did, but it took 606 takes to film. Because all of it is real. Watch the ad here.

Nothing excititng has been happening, yo. I've been organizing and cleaning and stuff, what fun...

mo posted at 12:38 PM.