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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

...despicable saaaaaaam...

No, I don't have any news on him, not really anyway, all of my news I hear through Ariana, or Noam and Rose. Avoidance is good. All over the web, and the news, etc., is the Googly problem of bloggers. Which is a pretty stupid problem if you ask me. I mean, it's bad that people should be finding people's personal junk all over the internet when they're looking for actual information (although I do pride myself on several hits because of Killer Tofu. It warms my heart to know that there are other people searching for these things). See, I'm 25th on google for Killer Tofu, but the things ahead of me (mostly) are actual websites. Okay, so fixing the problem would just mean making a separate search for blogs. I know people would use it, and it would get the gunk out of the normal search. The only problem is finding out which things are blogs and which are actual personal websites. A good start would be to put everything with the name "blogspot", "livejournal", "deadjournal", "onlinediary..." etc, into the category. Most people do not have their own URL. I guess more people would do that, but it's still a lot better. Maybe I'm too young and naive to understand these things yet. Or else it's some money thing.

So anyway, everyone except for certain people i know *coughmommycough* are unhappy that summer is so short. There is no solution to this because it means it's good. And if it sucks, then it'll suck, so there's no point in that. I guess there is no solution, but the prospect of having to sit through classes every day for eight hours, and do some homework after school sounds not fun, as well as seeing everyone that you don't want to see. I guess I don't have to hang around them, but since the population of people I like is quite small, the hallways are clogged up with icky people, such as despicable sam. You know what will be cool though, is that we will share the floor with the former subbies. Because however bad they are (haha) they're better than the class we were stuck with last year. Unfortunately we are growing old (in high school terms) and must leave.

Appropriate quote: "Michael, in that long grey wig, I saw your hair, you looked really old, like... a junior!" Hahahahaha. Okay so that was last year. Well kinda 2 years ago now. ONO. This is disturbing. Alrighty people you are obviously losing interest, so if I think of something to share, I'll tell you. Oh yeah, I was at the movie theater yesterday, and I saw some people from Ariana's dinner party thingie, Serena's friends, like MohawkGuy, CurlyBrownHairedGuy, and Sara. Of course I'm just an annoying little jerk for trying to grab their attention.

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