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Sunday, August 31, 2003

...arrrrrr you a pirate?...

So many uninteresting things happened to me. Hooray. I did some homework, although I'm always avoiding the things that make me actually be somewhat creative because I always kind of figure no one will like whatever my creativity is. Or if it exists at all, which I'm not sure of. Plus I don't have my history notebook yet. I did the flowchart, but it's still kind of claustrophobic. Oh well. So yesterday I just started reading the Japanese book looking for interesting phrases and my little genderless dude that I love so very much (he's freaking awesome). I found a picture of him in a classroom with more hairless, earless, genderless dudes. And I also found the phrase, "tonari no hana wa akai" which means, "the neighbor's flowers are red." And I was like, "yeah, so?" and then it was attempting to explain it to the reader, saying it's like, the grass is greener on the other side. So I guess everyone want's to pick each other's flowers.

So today the plan is to spend another day doing nothing really.

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