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Sunday, August 03, 2003 foot fell asleep...

I did not post all day yesterday because I was gone, scanning slides, and I probably talked to some of you online. Actually, I probably didn't. Haha. Okay so I forgot to post a quote, maybe I did, but you get to hear it AGAIN (Yay).

Ango: Logically it would be harder to rape boys.
Someone: You could use your fingers.
Hannah: That was FUN!

Of course, Hannah had not been listening to the previous conversation. Context was great though. Goop.

You know what sucks? That school is gonna start. I mean, whatever happened to July??? I DUN UNDERSTAND!!! Because we only have less than a month left, now is the time to PANIC. And start having parties. I need to have parties. I need to have a movie thing. And an Counseling Ariana Club thing. And a lizzie mcguire thing (haha) and uhhh..... romeo and juliet???

Dude, I reread the Tomek story. It's so disturbing. I seriously hope he made most of that up. I will not comment further. Except that I still don't hate Tomek. Too bad. He's okay, I guess. Doesn't bother me. Perhaps it comes from the fact that at some point we were twins. Even though he's like 2 or 3 days older. It's okay. I didn't want to be born. Don't rush me.

My left eye is really bad at seeing. From here I can read the time from my right eye just fine (10:15) but with my left it looks like a bunch of blur. Greatness.

mo posted at 10:18 AM.