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Monday, August 04, 2003


Ohh yesterday Jono got like 8 fortunes in the course of 4 cookies. The best one was something like, "Soon you will have a better love life." Haha, yes. Okay. And a bunch of others. And I had two :( from two cookies. How sad. Okay, so my life is not going to improve much more after this, what a horrible thing. Oh yeah, and at my house, Jono was playing Reckless Drivin', and his score became number one on the list, so he wrote as his name "JONO IZ DA SEXY MANN" but on the list there wasn't enough room for that name, because it was long, so it showed up as, "JONO IZ DA SEX..." So now jono is not only sexy jono, but he's da sex... Muahhahaa.

Gosh I'm so bad at talking to people, especially on the phone. And even worse at planning things. OY. Okay, I need to get better at this. However that is not likely.

Man the radio stations wouldn't answer, because 1071 was doing Inner Limits and the others were being bitches. Plus, Inner Limits sucks anyway, or at least the stuff we heard. They should want to talk to us, just like at the 8 at 8, if I have a vote, it should automatically outnumber everyone else's. YES.

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