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Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Okay, this is gonna be exciting. I must check iPod. All right I am listening right now... yes... I am hoping the headbanging part is later... ohhhhhhhh now i see. Hahaha it sounds all 80's. Well for like 10 seconds. Boy Ariana, you're lucky I didn't delete that because I was going on a slight deletion binge, and I never really listened to this. Dude. This would be great, EXCEPT that you can't transfer a song from an iPod to the computer. You have the best pirating technology for mp3s in the world, and they don't even let you put the songs on the computer. This is to prevent people from hooking up iPods and going *sneaky voice* "GIVE ME ALL YOUR SONGS..." Of course, I only have 5 gigs, which is fine for me because there is not possible that many songs I like. But I'm gonna end up with each artist having 1 or 2 songs. I know I'm keeping this one though.

That was a good song.

Oooooooooooookay, after that little presentation, I should probably get dressed. I can't believe how stupid people are. They're pretty annoying too. Either they totally avoid you or it's like CLING.... LET'S BE FRIENDS, FOREVER. Okay, how about in between?

I am extremely pissed off because SOME sites do not work. RRRRRRRRR... Okay, so anyway Lizzie McGure comes out on the 12th YAY!!!!!!!! Noam and I are excited. Lizzie is pretty annoying, but compared to other kids shows, even the morals aren't too sugary. Like, they don't say not to be mean to the popular kids or something, they just say be good to your friends, which makes sense, right? Unfortunately, we have to live through the mush. Matt is the best character.

Gordo: Remember when I talked to you about responsibility?
Matt: Nope.

Hahahaha. Okay. I love what Noam told me. Ethan Craft told lizzie's mom his hair secret: "You know how on the shampoo bottle it says lather, rinse, and repeat? I don't repeat." HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA.

Okay this is too amusing.

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