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Sunday, August 10, 2003


Good stuff. Went to cside yesterday, it's so much more fun to go there when you don't have to, riiiiight? We played on the structures. We need a list of parks. Because we like to play! Yeah, fo sho.

Okay it's later now. Roveiza mentioned that slime stuff on Nickelodeon that they would pour on people. That stuff was so disgusting. And it was like, bright green and looked like it had the consistency of vomit. Okay, that was pleasant. And a few years ago, they started having this thing, "Slime Time" between shows, where kids like, want to get on the show, and basically they have to solve some puzzle in a certain amount of time or they get slimed. And of course they all want to get slimed. I guess it MIGHT be fun, but the disgustingness factor seems to outweigh the cool factor. Anyway, Nick sucks now, it was only cool back in the day. Now all they show is cartoons that are too painful to even watch.

Seriously, don't you wonder about the people who say they love spongebob squarepants? I sorta wonder whether they've ever even seen an episode. It's like, torture. Somehow I think that either the "goths" in hot topic have never watched it, or have, but are complete morons.

You know what sucks though (especially for me and Noam), is that they've cancelled lizzie mcguire. I mean, no one seems to understand my obsession with this show, but I found it thoroughly entertaining. I mean, okay, Lizzie is like, the stereotypical prep, but despite the obvious airhead-ism, she isn't like, queen bitch or whatever. Just a bit ... usual. Miranda is kind of annoying too because she's even preppier than Lizzie. But remember all the cool characters? Gordo is awesome, Matt is mega-ly awesome, Lanny (sp?) is frikin awesome, ETHAN CRAFT, and that dorky creepy guy that they're always forced to hang around. Don't remember his name.

Plus, it was like the most popular show ever on the Disney Channel. Jeez. At least they made a movie. I hope there's lots of Ethan Craft, but sadly it doesn't sound so.

Now that you all think I'm a major psycho freak, I think it's weird that we communicate over blogs, without actually talking to each other. I mean, the main examples for me I can think of are Roveiza (hi Roveiza, u weirdo, u, hahahaha. don't become a gerbil) and Lara, who I almost never talk to online, or see in real life, yet we both manage to read each other's online thingies. I guess if I'm too antisocial for AIM, there's always this. Hehe. I dunno, you can gain more insight into someone by reading what they have to say than meaningless AIM conversations with them. Some aren't totally meaningless but most never get past the decisive point of "sup?" and "nm".

Oh yeah, and guys, if you want an exciting animation of a cello, click here.

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