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Saturday, August 16, 2003

...i don't repeat...

Man I have not posted in forever. My explanation is the end of summer rush to do everything. People panic. Because, in 10 days, we will be back in school. It seems like very recently that it was May 31 and we rejoiced with the power of three completely empty months ahead of us. I look on the school calendar and again my eye jumps to the last week of may. Sigh. Summer is so short, and so wonderful. And you know what school means. It means another nine months of waking up early, struggling to stay awake in morning classes, working off your immune system in PE, eating lunch in half an hour, sitting through more classes, going home, doing work, socializing or doing an extracurricular, going to sleep, waking up early... see, what I'm trying to get at this year is VARIETY. I mean, not like "Ooh let's wear green socks on mondays!" but like, dealing with school easily enough that there is enough time for the other stuff. Work is fine, it's good, but only if you can enjoy it enough. I think the key to all of this is getting stuff done early, sleeping enough, and having fun on weekends occasionally. The actual going to school part isn't really a drag. I mean, think about it. The classes are almost all good, and you get to see your friends every day. Downside being that you have to see everyone else you don't like every day, and you ahve to go to the classes you don't like. I mean, it sucks, but like, get over it. The work is really not that bad. Plus, if you hate it so much, why go to this school?

The main thing that bothers me at the end of every summer, and during the school year, is that there are 10,000 little projects people say they'll do or tell you "during the summer". In middle school, everyone always says "I'll tell you who you like on the last day of school". Then the day rolls around and everyone's to hyper and unbelieving of it that they like, totally forget. No one says "we'll do that once school starts" unless they're talking about like, studying or something. So anyway, I'm hoping that school will not be a big deal, and that other people will not be stressed. Because seriously, if other people are stressed, it makes it more unpleasant for you. If everyone just did their homework and then had fun afterwards instead of putting it off, people would be happier.

That being said, now is the party rush. I've gone to like, 4 in the past week, that are not exactly parties. More like, gettogethers. Who has actual parties? I don't exactly know what the definition of that is, but hanging out with more than like, 2 people sounds like a party to me.

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