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Wednesday, August 20, 2003 are the weakest LINK...

Okay, I have become obsessive with video games again. I am playing this game, Pokemon Red on gameboy, and started my own game, and it is very entertaining. See, for the first battle, I'm trying to get all four of my pokemon up to level 15. And with my pokemon, I'm naming the ones I plan to keep for a while after my friends. My original pokemon, I picked charmander, and his name is "sexy jono". Then I caught a pikachu and called it "pape". The other two are stupid pokemon, a ratatta and a beedril, so I didn't name them anything special. So anyway, the thing with training is that, if you walk around in grass, and you are trying to get somewhere, there's a battle like, every few feet. If you are trying to train, you have to circle around forEVER to find something to fight. It's quite annoying...

More importantly, we borrowed Angelina/Alan's Zelda game for gamecube, and me and my brother are playing that. It's very entertaining. You know what is really fun about them? Okay, if you're playing a game, particularly the one about the ocarnia of time or whatever, it's fun of course, to chop up the signs, but if you go to the little villiage with the chickens, it's awesome to start killing the chickens. Then after three or four hits, blood spurting out and feathers everywhere, about 20 million chickens come and start attacking you. They have an advantage because they can fly. I got killed by chickens. They attack you. Outrunning them is difficult.

Also, when you're picking up the chickens (lifting them, not asking them out), run up to someplace high up and jump off and you will fly, and it's freaking awesome. CHICKENS!!!!

Okay, so if you're a Zelda fan, Angelina gave me this video to watch, it's really funny, everyone should go watch it. The Return of Ganondorf

Somehow I doubt that link will work, so if you go to, click on the "flash portal" near the top, and then on the right side, there should be a "top 50 of all time" and "Return of Ganondorf" should be the first one on the list. Go watch it. Or else.

I found this quote at quotes-r-us:

Teacher: Have you ever wondered how that could have happened?
Me: No.
Teacher: That was a rhetorical question. It wasn't meant to be answered.
Me: But that was a rhetorical answer. It wasn't meant to be questioned.

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