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Thursday, August 21, 2003


The subbies are starting to show up on ssh, it's very entertaining to type in random names and find someone.

Okay, to Noam and Ariana, I got this article from, about kanji tatoos and such being wrong, and it also says that on the MADONNA cd greatest hits volume 2 (GHV2!!!), the Japanese letters don't actually say anything. They just put it there to look cool. I told you guys!!!!! Oh yes, and the subliminal messages in Japanese at the top of the flaming lips CD. If anyone has that CD, I want someone who can actually speak Japanese to translate it, mine was very rough... heh.

"I got water up my nose, it was pointless." --Noam about a waterslide

This one gets to me guys: Someone got to my blog by searching for, "download funny horrible annoying songs". What a great audience I have.

I want this poster. That would rawk. HOORAY. But for now I'm just a deprived child without my poster. *sigh*

mo posted at 10:36 AM.