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Friday, August 22, 2003

...chill out, whatcha yelling for?...

HAHAHA now you will all havve avril lavigne stuck in your head for all of eternity!!! Muahahahhahahahahahha! Okay, anyway, the whole school thing seems very wrong. I mean, we just got out of school! On May 31 we were looking forward to three months of freedom. Dude, now it's over, how did that happen? See, school wouldn't be so bad except for, basically, other people. Everyone's always bitching, "Mo I have so much homework to do, it's so much, I can't finish it all, what am I gonna do? I'm soooooooo stressed out!!!" and it's like, STFU. So what I'm saying is, don't bother me. Unless you're cool. Unless you're cool and you don't have issues with homework. Because that should seriously be the least of anyone's problems, especially at my school. If you don't like having lots of homework then leave. We won't miss you.

Of course, there are many other problems with school. Most of which include running, waking up early, stalkers, depressed suicidal maniacs, preps, jocks, etc. So anyway, that's a lot to look forward to, isn't it? Oh yes, oh yes.

So the anger is boiling up inside me already. Sounds like a great year ahead.

OKAY, guess what guys, the Lizzie McGuire movie is the best movie in existence (HAHAHHAA IT'S HILARIOUS):

*Lizzie kisses Gordo*
Gordo: Thanks.
Lizzie: You're welcome.


Lizzie: Wow, the fireworks are so beautiful
Paolo: yes, you are.

Stupid pick up line!

more when i am done watching the show.

mo posted at 11:18 AM.