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Sunday, August 24, 2003

...the end...

Okay, so no more summer break. It's off to school again, tomorrow. Which is very disturbing. The picnic was yesterday, and uh... I'd just like to say that the subbies are GROSS. I mean, god, so many preps, it's so scary. And then when we want to find a cool one, like claire, we can't find her in all the mess of jocks and preps. God it's so disturbing. I hope I'm just missing the good ones. It's not as if we're so much older than them either. Okay, and what's with this whole "let's show our power by being subbie buddies" thing? If you were so naive to think it's actually helpful, then I kinda pity you, but I think most people just want the power. Subbie buddy groups were hellish. They were even. worse. than. FITNESS. At least, in some weird twisted way, fitness is claimed to be good for the body. Subbie buddy groups? What are they good for? NOTHING. So anyway, I don't get why people want to be subbie buddies anyway. I mean, you just get to act like know-it-alls about high school and how *difficult* it all is. Ha. Well anyway, those were some of the worst lunch periods I ever spent in my life. I swear I would have skipped them, but there was no one to hide from. I think we all need to rise up and overthrow the subbie buddy system, for the good of the school, and the nation.

Looking at the class above us, and this new subbie class, and even the class right below us, makes me incredibly content in my own. I mean, now, come to think of it, our preps aren't that annoying, they aren't excluding, like a clique (I could hang out with them if I wanted, I've eaten lunch with them, they didn't tell me to leave, they didn't give me mean stares, etc.), they're not sluts, and they don't even wear much makeup. The guys, well... I just try to ignore them. There's zillions of great guys in the world. I don't get why I know so many jock egomaniac types. I'm gonna count all the nice ones I can think of. Even partially nice.... *looks at list of class* Okay, I count about ten. Actually, that's higher than I thought. 33% YES! My point is, it pisses me off when girls hang out with stupid egomaniac guys just so they can say that they hang out "with the guys".

Anyway, so I guess this is the whole "class bonding" thing. People always said "As you go through high school your class will become closer and you guys will like each other in the end". I think the truth is that you can look at horror at the classes you *could* have been in, and thus your class starts looking really appealing.

So anyway, there's nothing really that horrible about going back to school, it will be an okay change. The only depressing thing is walking around a hallway, looking at which people are sitting around, and finding that you have no one you could stand to spend five minutes with.

mo posted at 1:19 PM.