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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

...the beginning, oh great...

Alright, so the first day of school, didn't have time. My theory is that this is the only day when they're all gonna give homework. I had some out of like, four out of six classes, and a cello lesson, so too bad for you.

Yesterday for lunch, because of my sexy 5th free period, Ariana, Peaches, and I went to Zorbas. Peaches bought me fries, but I'm sure he owes me money anyway because I'm always donating to the "feed michael" fund. Anyhow, on the corner next to Folletts, or whatever it is, there was a 1071 thing, and no, we didn't want to stay, in the bazillion degree heat, we want to go inside a restaurant. But Ariana decided to get swallowed in the mass of people rolling dice for prizes and getting free tshirts for her sister. Okay, so then we ate. It was crowded. I guess that's what we get for showing up at noon. On the way back I tried rolling the dice, and they found it amusing how I roll dice... or something.... anyway then Ariana was talking to the guy there, apparently he was Bickham. And then Ariana said she could spell his name, and she did, and he let her roll again. Then it was back to school and more classes.

Alright, so my judgement is that having the freshman class with us is a bazillion times better than last year's class we had to share the floor with. These people are actually cool, not too many horrible preps, and we get spencer and monah and jono. Hahaha. Okay here's the time for quotes of the day:

"It's disturbing how everyone wears their favorite socks on the first day of school." --Mo, commenting on how both Ariana and I were wearing our favorite socks.

"HEY JULIE, ARE YOU A DEMOCRAT?!?!" --Jono, in the hallway, for absolutely no known reason. She didn't respond.

You know what's nice about having a first period free? I woke up at 7:40, and thought about how most people were already at school, or driving there. Then I went back to sleep. Now I'm up, and people are in their first class while I'm lounging around my house. And plus, it's one less period to spend hanging around school, which is probably good for everyone's mental situations.

Oh yeah, and yesterday Batia gave me a wickedly cool bracelet, that's kind of made, or covered in, manga pages. It's so incredibly cool, but I wish my wrist were fatter so it wouldn't slide around. It has Japanese on it, so if I ever forget the kanji for "gakou" then i can cheat, muahahahhaha!!!!!!!!! Such an evil kid. Ooh and she had a very shiny and excellently cool pink shirt. And her shoes were cool too, but they looked like Jono's.... hahhahaha.

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