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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

...who stole my hairbrush???...

It's great when cucumbers say that.

Yesterday was not as entertaining as the first day (and they'll keep getting worse)... but we also didn't have as much work. We had a flowchart listed on the syllabus, but he told 8th period that we don't have to do it. Unfortunately, this is a bad way to do things, because one person in 8th period could start a rumor, or get confused, and then all 60 of us wouldn't do it. I guess, it's onlya flowchart. I sorta did it, but I need help with the arrows. There was only one entertaining quote yesterday:

Angelina: When I grow up I'm gonna change my name to Hugget Pillow!
Devin: Why is Hugget so cool? It's just a last name!
Batia: What's YOUR last name?
Devin: Johnson.
Batia: Oh, now we see why he's bitter.

Okay, so maybe it was funnier at the time. But anyway I probably misquoted a lot. Too bad I can't memorize these things. So anyhow, today the plan is to go to school at some point, and be unhappy that I actually have to do something in PE today, the mile. Why must they torture us?

Well it's time for breakfast, this was such a deep post.

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