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Thursday, August 28, 2003


Alrighty then, my brand new EXPENSIVE kangway-provided japanese-english/english-japanese dictionary is useful enough to provide us with: phrases of the week. This week's phrase:

suri ni go youjin. (Beware of pickpockets).

Sensei said that was a good phrase, and that we have to learn to keep stuff in our front pockets. Pickpockets are baaad!

Okay, I love the guy in the Japanese book. He's undeniably hott. I mean, it could be a girl, or something, but it's a skinny little bald dude with no ears who listens to other people talk to him. We think he's supposed to be, "you the reader" but he's so fucking cool, and JohnMark finds this obsession hilarious. I'm so totally over Tarou.

Peaches said that at some colleges they have annual book ripping, where some people go to the library, and then put a book they brought from home on the shelf. Then when the bell rings and more students file through, they take their own book off the shelf, and start ripping the pages out of it. It sounds entertaining.

Peaches also loaned me the DVD of Mononoke-hime (princess mononoke for all you bright ones). I watched, like the first half, and I have got to say the best thing so far is the little tree spirits. I'll find a picture I promise, but they're kickass. Peaches says this is because I haven't come to the "cool part" yet. Maybe I will this weekend. Hehehehhe I have a DVD player.

Okay time for dindin.

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